April 30, 2017

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Why I use Essential Oils with my Horses

January 9, 2019

There are 3 main reasons essential oils are my first stop for the care of my horses.


First, is that they are 100% natural and safe. Oils are extracts from plants that have amazing health benefits. There's nothing added or taken away, they are the pure essence of a plant. A truly pure oil is 50-70 times more powerful than herbs, so they are REALLY potent! For example, 1 drop of peppermint oil is equivalent to 80 cups of peppermint tea! If you were to accidentally get an oil into your eye or onto any sensitive part of your body, simply use a carrier oil to dilute it. It will take the sting away fast! 


What I love about doterra, is the Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standard. It means these oils are pure, potent, and free of fillers and contaminants. Potent means that each plant was grown in a part of the world where it grows best, resulting in the absolute best conditions for the plant before harvesting. When you have ideal natural chemistry for a plant, the essential oil extracted does exactly what we want them to do for our health. Knowing I have the safest and highest quality oils is most important when using them on my horses. 


The second reason is they are more effective than many medications and options today. Let's get a little sciencey here...We know cells have oil membranes, the cell membrane keeps the good stuff in and the bad stuff out. Now, there are 2 things that like to attack our cells, Bacteria and Viruses. With a bacterial infection, a doctor will prescribe you an antibiotic for 7-10 days. It will clear up the infection, however will wreak havoc on your gut, hormones, and sometime immune system. If you have a virus, like a cold or the flu, you are sent home with the instructions of rest and keeping hydrated. This is because most medications are water-based synthetic agents. Water and oil do not mix, so we have hard time combating viruses. Essential oils are oil-based, which means they can permeate the cell membrane. They can work on a cellular level, combat bacteria on the outside and prevent the duplication of viruses on the inside. 


The third reason I have made the switch to essential oils, they are cheaper than traditional medical care. Let's take an ear infection as an example. Before essential oils were in my life and someone had an ear infection, we would have to get a doctors appointment ($20), get an antibiotic ($10) and then be in pain for another 3 days for the antibiotic to kick in. Today, I apply 1 drop of lavender and 1 drop of melaluca ($0.32)on a cotton ball, swap the outside of the ear and then bandaid the cotton ball loosely over the ear; repeat every 6 hours until infection in gone. Majority of them are gone in 24 hours, and cost me about $0.75. I have saved hundreds of dollars a year in medical costs because of essential oils. You cannot afford NOT to use natural solutions. 


My top 3 reasons for uses essentials oils are because they are Natural & Safe, more effective and cheaper than traditional medical care options. 

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