What are Essential Oils

  • Essential oils are aromatic compounds found in seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants.

  • They are 50-70 times stronger than herbs.

  • They have been used for thousands of years

  • They are used by Doctors, Hospitals & Many Medical Professionals

  • They are safe, effective, affordable

  • They can be used to support each part of the body

Jenn Gay is a certified in Aromatherapy and partners Heavenly Horse Stables in Pinckney Michigan. She started using essential oils for her own health after battling physical as well as emotional struggles related to stress. Essential oils have helped her from being medicated, and because of that, she has to tell everyone about them!

Jenn began using essential oils in her barn as fly spray about 2 months before incorporating them into her home and her daily life, 2 years later she is empowering others and it has changed her life forever. She continues to be a student and researches on studies and best practices, and has dedicated herself to educating others about the safe (and effective) use of essential oils with horses and the people around them. She hopes you find information here that helps you on your journey. 

Host a Class at your facility 

Jenn travels all over the United States helping educate and empower others with natural solutions. She works with barn owners and stay at home mom's alike! Give her a call at 313-585-7228 for a free consultation or to book a class. 

Three Ways to get Started


  • Enjoy high quality, therapeutic grade oils.

  • No risk, no fees, but no discount.

  • Trusted for quality and testing.


  • Automatic 25% discount on oils.

  • No monthly requirements.

  • Continuing Education

  • Purchase a kit with the most popular oils to waive the $35 enrollment fee.

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  • Automatic 25% discount on oils

  • 10-30% back in reward points for every order.

  • Coaching with Jenn

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