"Prick my finger and I'll bleed green" ~Jenn Gay

I started Greenblood.horse because I have a passion for a few things: Girl Scouts, Horses, Green Living and helping others

Girl Scouts: I couldn't wait to be a Brownie when I was 5, started Girl Scouting at the age of 6 (that's when Brownies started for us back then) and was gifted a life time membership when I graduated high school. I have been a scout, a leader, worked at Camp Innisfree (Michigan, closed 2014) for 11+ years, and as a Troop Support Specialist, I taught new leaders about the Girl Scout program. I believe in our promise and law, and continue to live by it every day. I continue to make new friends (and keep the old) all over the US and use my resources wisely to help bring Girl Scouts horseback riding opportunities. 

Why Green? Girl Scouts color is Green "Girl Scout Green" is a thing.

Horses: I rode my first horse at 9 and was helping assist beginner group riding by 12. I was given a great opportunity to learn how to teach in an environment that was safe and educational, then helped provide the same environment for beginner riders. When Innisfree closed I bought 4 of the horses and have continued providing that safe and educational environment for beginner riders and instructors.

Why Green? In the equestrian world "Green" is a term used for an untrained horse. I specialize in Green people; riding and instructing. 

Green Living: Aromatherapy Certified, a Reiki Practitioner, and a bit of hippie. I love to reuse and re-purpose as much as possible. Feed bags, bailing twine and manure all have a purpose after their initial use is done. I enjoy natural remedies and homemade soaps, fly sprays and more! Of course I love empowering others to join the green movement with me. 

Why Green? The "Go Green" movement is all about reducing our ecological footprint.

"On my honor, I will try"

"Safe - Educational - Fun"

"We are only here for a short time - Earth is here forever" 

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